Monthly Archives: December 2013

Santa Barbara Palm Tree Trimming


Historic trees professionally trimmed Iconic Hope Ranch palm trees are beautiful and in need of dead frond removal every few years.  Long time Hope Ranch clients on Marina drive let us have the privilege of working on their 4 large Phoenix canariensis. There are specific concerns when trimming these trees, especially the spread of a fungus […]

Montecito Estate View Trimming


Every 2 years or so, one of our estate clients needs their ocean view line maintained by trimming down approximately 500′ of olive foliage comprised of 12 main olive trees. Progressing down the private lane with our 60′ reach bucket truck, the job is accomplished efficiently and precisely, the bucket operator can see and safely […]

Montecito Eucalyptus Removal


New owners of a Montecito property determined that it was time to remove a mid size eucalyptus that was overhanging a busy road and growing from a large old stump (a “stump sprout”).  Stump sprouts are inherently weak and this sprout tree was app. 80′ overall height. Using our 60′ bucket truck, the removal process […]

Carpinteria Pine Tree Removals


Large parts of the root systems of these 2 pine trees in Carpinteria were heavily damaged a couple years ago when a neighboring sycamore tree heaved out of the ground, taking pine roots with it. The owner decided to remove after waiting for a couple years to see if the trees would recover; they didn’t […]

Santa Barbara Condo Complex Oak Trim


Over the past four years, regular tree trimming maintenance of the 20 or so oak trees and various landscape trees has been the responsibility of Branch Out Tree Care, Inc. and when the annual tree maintenance project came up this year, Branch Out Tree Care was ready for action;  a detailed work proposal was submitted […]