Monthly Archives: March 2014

Montecito Brush Chipping/Defensible Space Project


Branch Out Tree Care has been awarded the contract for the 2014 defensible space neighborhood brush chipping project by Montecito Fire Protection District.  Using a modern, extremely powerful brush chipper, even the nastiest piles are chipped with ease.  We are also available before work begins in your area to safely remove any dead or hazardous […]

Giant Santa Barbara Pine Removals


Branch Out Tree Care was selected for the removal of these 2 large Italian Stone Pines after careful review by client including reference and insurance verification.  Extremely technical removal involving multiple rigging positions and climbers in the tree. With a typical stone pine structure, large sections of both trees were overhanging the road, house, and […]

Montecito Pine Tree Removal


See a big pine removed in large pieces.  We had a great open drop zone here and climber Jeff Haney took full advantage of it.  This was a 2 leader Torrey pine of which half had died. We determined during stump grinding that the roots of the dead section of tree had died due to […]