Monthly Archives: June 2014

Oak Tree Failure in Montecito


Branch Out Tree Care recently removed a large coast live oak from the property of a Montecito resident. The tree has failed at the base of the trunk and damaged a deck. Examination after the fact determined that the failure could have been prevented by removal of the tree. The internal part of the trunk […]

Non-invasive Tree Cabling System


A new tree health care product. Cabling is most often used to support branches within the tree canopy. This does not have to occur after a branch has broken, but can be installed as a preventative measure. Most cabling includes metal cables and large screws drilled into a tree’s branch. Over time the tree can […]

Drought Conditions Tree Health Care


Santa Barbara Drought Conditions Require Change in Tree Care With water being a precious (and costly) commodity this year, how can you keep your trees happy and healthy? For some trees completely removing irrigation will slowly kill the tree. You may not see an immediate change in your tree but slowly over time, even as […]

Fire Extinguisher Training


Working with our crew to ensure we’re ready for fire season this year with live fire demo and extinguisher training by Diego Topete.  Also reviewed proper placement and operation of gasoline-powered tools to minimize risk of starting a fire. Our basic procedure in case of a fire emergency is for crew leader to designate crew […]