80+ Year Old Pine Removed in Montecito


Pine Health and Risk Assessment

Branch Out Tree Care was asked to assess a failing pine tree for health and risk.

 The tree was starting to have a lot of brown needles, heavy end-weight branches, and evidence of insect damage.  Because some of the branches, if they fell, might damage the property owner’s house in addition to the neighbor’s houses it was decided that the tree should be removed.

Removal Logistics

The size and location of the tree posed some logistical problems including vehicle access, sensitive landscaping, and a very large trunk.  Initially a crane was scheduled to assist, but it was determined the crane could not maneuver into position.  Instead an aerial lift truck was used for the upper branches with the trunk pieced and removed by forklift.

Saving the Landscaping

Additionally the owner was very concerned about retaining the landscaping so plywood, tarps, and temporary relocation of the hardier plants was incorporated into the removal. Both the property owners and the acorn woodpeckers were sad to see the tree go.  The tree was acting as a grainy and was covered with acorns stuffed into holes.


Preparing for a New Tree

The stump was ground out and the owner was left with a great place to plant a new tree.  Probably a coast live oak to match the others throughout the property.