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Coast Live Oak Tree Care


In the Santa Barbara area coast live oak trees (Quercus agrifolia) are dominate natives in our yards, our streets, our parks, and the undeveloped areas around us.  The natural habitat of the coast live oak is on the coastal side of the mountains where fog is more common, there is less chance for winter frost […]

Landmark Tree Removal at Braille Institute


The Loss of the Landmark Braille Institute Pine The Process Begins On September 22 the removal process began.  Branch Out Tree Care first removed the large scaffolding branches working from bottom to top.  One climber used an aerial lift trunk and a second climbed to heights above the truck’s reach.  Limbs were secured with a […]

80+ Year Old Pine Removed in Montecito


Saving the Landscaping Additionally the owner was very concerned about retaining the landscaping so plywood, tarps, and temporary relocation of the hardier plants was incorporated into the removal. Both the property owners and the acorn woodpeckers were sad to see the tree go.  The tree was acting as a grainy and was covered with acorns stuffed […]

When to Prune in the Santa Barbara Area


Landscape trees can be separated into three generalized types of trees: broadleaf (deciduous and green all year), conifer (also called evergreen), and palms.  Pruning of each type includes unique needs and timing to result in the healthiest, safest, and most aesthetically pleasing trees possible. Pruning Mature Broadleaf Trees Mature trees need to be pruned for […]

Sudden Limb Drop in the Santa Barbara Area


As recently reported in the news about oak trees in the Santa Ynez Valley and around Cachuma Lake ( Sudden Limb Drop has become yet another issue surrounding the drought and its impact on trees. As outlined in Arboriculture: Integrated Management of Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Vines (Harris, Clark, and Matheny 2004) sudden limb drop is generally […]

Coast Live Oak Cabling Installed in Montecito


Mature Oak Tree in Montecito Needs Some Support Branch Out Tree Care installed a second non-invasive cabling system to a tree associated with the original Hixon Ranch established in 1884 making the oak tree at least 130 years old.  The Hixon Ranch was separated into smaller residential houses many retaining their 19th Century style including […]

Sappy Monterey Cypress Removed in Carpinteria


 Sap-producing tree removed after insect damage identified. Monterey Cypress Sap Ruins Driveway For many years the resident of a house in Carpinteria has not been able to park in his driveway because the 35-year-old Monterey Cypress right next to the driveway had been dripping sap for years.  The house owner asked us to examine the […]

California Drought Can Still Mean Healthy Trees


For our trees, there is more to the California drought than just lack of water. With hot temperatures and minimal rainfall this past winter, trees undergo stress during the summer months. We commonly think of water stress causing dead leaves and drooping branches. But drought also reduces a tree’s ability to fight off insects and […]

Montecito Pine Tree Removal – Bark beetle causes decline of tree


Tree Removal at new home construction in Montecito Branch Out Tree Care recently started removal of four Monterey pine trees next to a new home construction site in Montecito. The trees were nearing the end of their prime and due to the drought and hot winter had become infected with a bark beetle. The bark […]