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2201 D North Highway 101, Buellton, CA 93427
Ph: 805.688.7588

201 North Milpas Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Ph: 805.969.7588

Ph: (805) 969-7392  /  E: office@branchouttreecare.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Job Costs

We do not “estimate” the cost of your job, we give exact job costs, in writing, and backed by our GUARANTEE. This protects you, the property owner from being given one “estimated” lowball price and then being charged much more when it’s all said and done. You will know, to the dollar, how much your job is going to cost you before we start your project.

FREE Tree Care Evaluation

Includes a top to bottom look at all of the trees on your property, we address all aspects of a tree, including hazard limbs, stem decay, root problems, building and road clearances, and much more.

Don’t you just cut trees? Can’t I do this myself?

Every year there are reports of homeowners cutting trees and being injured. In fact, there are deaths of homeowners because they just don’t know what they are doing.

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2201 D North Highway 101
Buellton, CA, 93427

Ph: 805.688.7588

201 North Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Ph: 805.969.7588