Montecito Pine Tree Removal – Bark beetle causes decline of tree


Tree Removal at new home construction in Montecito

Branch Out Tree Care recently started removal of four Monterey pine trees next to a new home construction site in Montecito. The trees were nearing the end of their prime and due to the drought and hot winter had become infected with a bark beetle. The bark beetle infection caused the final decline of the trees

Bark Beetle Identification

The redhaired pine bark beetle is the probable cause as they are the bark beetles most commonly seen in Monterey pine and although actual beetles were not observed the signs of the redhaired pine bark beetle were present. As described in the UC-IPM (University of California – Integrated Pest Management) Online:


Dead or Dying Trees
= Fire Hazard

The four Monterey pines with their dead and dying needles would have become a severe fire hazard if not removed. The trees were located next to an active construction site for a new home and just outside the 100-foot defensible space perimeter required by the County of Santa Barbara’s Unit Fire Plan.

Dead trees or trees with very dry foliage (including pine needles) are extremely flammable. Removal of these trees will, in the case of wildfires, reduce the potential for fire to reach the home. For more information about defensible space and fire safety check out CalFire’s website:

Are Your Trees Healthy?

The best way to determine if your trees are healthy is to have an ISA Certified Arborist examine your trees. A tree should be examined from top to bottom and even a few inches underground. A Certified Arborist will have the background and knowledge to determine the overall health of your tree and provide recommendations as needed to keep your trees as healthy as possible.

Contact Branch Out Tree Care via email or phone and talk to their on-staff Certified Arborists.