Non-invasive Tree Cabling System


A new tree health care product.

Cabling is most often used to support branches within the tree canopy. This does not have to occur after a branch has broken, but can be installed as a preventative measure. Most cabling includes metal cables and large screws drilled into a tree’s branch. Over time the tree can grow over the screws and the wires break. Branch Out Tree Care offers a solution to these problems while still providing a strong, dynamic, and non-invasive cabling system; Cobra® Cabling System.

The Cobra System utilizes anti-abrasion ropes, shock absorbers, and unobtrusive cabling to provide both dynamic and static support. A dynamic support allows movement of a branch especially during high winds while reducing the change for branch breakage. The static system allows for support of a more risky branch (over a home or parked car) and fully supports a branch if the branch breaks. Check out our recent cabling project in Montecito on a 150 year old coast live oak.