Oak Tree Failure in Montecito


Branch Out Tree Care recently removed a large coast live oak from the property of a Montecito resident. The tree has failed at the base of the trunk and damaged a deck. Examination after the fact determined that the failure could have been prevented by removal of the tree.

The internal part of the trunk of the tree was completely rotted out probably due to a water pipe breakage (the turn off valve was imbedded in the trunk!). There was even a hole where you could look through the base of the tree)

Fungal infection Can Cause Oak Tree Failure

Additional symptoms included fungal infection on branches, insect bore holes, spongy and decayed wood at previous cuts, and little to no reaction wood growth (the wood growth that fills in around old cuts and splits).
Don’t let this happen to your trees. We can come out and assess any tree for risk and provide appropriate recommendations to keep your property safe. And removal is not always the only option – canopy reduction, cabling or trimming back of dead branches can keep your trees living longer.