Sappy Monterey Cypress Removed in Carpinteria


 Sap-producing tree removed after insect damage identified.

Monterey Cypress Sap Ruins Driveway

For many years the resident of a house in Carpinteria has not been able to park in his driveway because the 35-year-old Monterey Cypress right next to the driveway had been dripping sap for years.  The house owner asked us to examine the health of the tree and determine why the cypress was sappy and losing needles.

More Than a Sappy Problem

Upon examination of the tree we found multiple insect bore holes, a large root burl (swollen, above ground growth), spongy bark, and copious amount of sap.  After discussing the options for care (extensive pruning or removal) the owner and resident decided that removal was the best option for both safety and sap removal.


The removal was completed using the bucket truck and pieced down the tree. As we got closer to the base of the tree we found internal heart rot and extensive termite damage.  Removal was best option and the root was ground out to prepare the area for future landscaping.



Now the owner and resident area excited about planting a new tree, being able to park in the driveway and the neighborhood residents are also excited about not having to worry about sappy cars!